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I’m trying hard to live by Cat Principles.

1- I am glorious above all things
2- Eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy, play when bored
3- Affection is given and received on my terms and only mine
4- Show displeasure clearly.
5- NO
6- Demand the things you want. If they aren’t given, demand them again, but louder this time.
7- If you are touched when you don’t want to be, say so. If they continue to touch you, make them bleed.

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dragging this over from lj:  


Hit me up with any of my fandoms and I’ll tell you:

  • my “FOREVER” pairing
  • my “sometimes” pairing (if i’m in the mood)
  • my “friends-with-benefits” pairing
  • my “adele” pairing (“WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAALL”)
  • my “hatemance” pairing
  • my “working on it” pairing
  • my favorite threesome / poly ship
  • my platonic “their friendship is too precious to mess it up with romance” ship
  • my “i love it but don’t want it to happen” pairing
  • my “it started out crack but now it’s serious and i regret everything” pairing
  • my endgame pairing
  • my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing
  • my “settling for second choice” pairing
  • my “I don’t want to ship it but I do” pairing
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- Professionals

- Frat buds

- Children

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Twilight may be trash but at least they cast actual native americans to play natives

That is a serious burn for a LOT of movies.  I’m not sure we have enough burn cream for this.

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He is respected throughout the Jedi Order for his insight as well as his warrior skill. He has become the hero of the next generation of Padawans; he is the Jedi their Masters hold up as a model. He is the being that the Council assigns to their most important missions. He is modest, centered, and always kind. He is the ultimate Jedi.

- Matthew Stover, Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith

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ahahaha fell asleep a completely missed the class my still life was for ahahahaha

ahahahahaha ahhhhhhhhh.

there goes a lettergrade.

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where do i sign up to become an amazon

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 For a star to be born,
    there is one thing that must happen:
      a gaseous nebula must

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